This charette was one of a series of annual collaborative projects among museum studies students. In an intensive, three-day workshop, we were tasked with developing communication solutions for a current civics issue by an organization in Philadelphia. We went through an in-depth group brainstorming process, built a prototype of our solution, and tested it out in the community. The solutions we developed were made available for the community parter to implement in their work.

charette brief

Community partners

Free Library of Philadelphia

Philly Counts 2020


The 2020 Census is critically important for Philadelphia, but approximately 54% of residents live in hard to count communities.


How can we encourage more people from hard to count communities to fill out the Census?


Spread information about what the census is and how it works to dispel fears and motivate participation.

Solution  >>>

A flip wall that provides answers to common questions about the census in the lobby of a library. Divided into three "city buildings," different questions and answers are geared toward audiences of different ages.

brainstorming a solution


building the prototype


testing with the community


What we learned

  • Best engagement came from parents with children

  • Make the bilingual panels more distinct/readable

  • Decrease the amount of reading

  • Encourage more question asking and conversation 

incorporating user feedback

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