bringing documents to life

For this project, I was tasked with creating an exhibition on money laundering. The topic turned out to be an interesting challenge, both in explaining the process of illegal dealings and in showcasing a selection of objects that were primarily legal documents. I developed a variety of narrative and design solutions that made the complex content approachable and exciting, yet clearly showed the dark side of economic misdeeds.


big idea

Money laundering–hiding the origins of illicitly gained money–is a complex process with far-reaching consequences.



  • Adults

  • Older teens

  • People with an interest in true crime and the history of crime



goals (visitors will...)

  • Learn the process of money laundering

  • Witness both the high profits and harsh consequences of money laundering

  • Feel concern about the crime of money laundering and desire to see it prevented and prosecuted

the cycle

Representing the phases of money laundering through laundry cycle metaphors helps visitors to more easily understand the complex process

sectionintro_Graphic Label Wall.png

Fabric "laundry tag" style banners provide the introductory text for each section, playing up the laundry metaphor


off the page

Most money laundering history consists of legal transcripts, so exhibit elements had to add visual and experiential elements to the story...

A striking tableau of items confiscated from money launderers makes a big impact with objects

Experiential infographics translate data into a design element


3D flipbook panels tell stories through real courtroom sketches


Bold graphics and money-inspired textures create a pop comic aesthetic