creating an exhibition for a client

This retrospective on the work of mid-century illustrator and alum Laura Jean Allen was created for the University of the Arts Illustration department's 150th anniversary celebration. The exhibition is a collaborative effort with a fellow MFA student in which I led exhibition development and project management.

big idea

It was Laura Jean Allen's diverse personal style that allowed her to have a successful and fulfilling illustration career.



  • UArts Illustration students

  • UArts Illustration alumni

  • Non-illustrators



goals (visitors will...)

  • Learn about the work and life of a little-known illustrator

  • Be inspired to blend their commercial and artistic illustration work

  • See historic illustration techniques


cover to cover

The department wanted to showcase Allen's many notable New Yorker covers... 

All of the covers are displayed outside the gallery to interest potential visitors

Related covers are paired with each section panel

ups and downs

Interpretive labels explore the nuances of Allen's career to provide a meaningful message for Illustration students developing their own artistic career

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