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representing an idea in 3d space

For this project I was given a word and challenged to design a 100 sq ft exhibition that represented it. Explore the exhibition  and see if you can guess the word.

IMG_4253 copy.jpg

Everything changes. All around us things both man-made and natural are constantly shifting. But in certain events, from the impassioned act of war to the scientific process of reaction, change can take on a more sinister tone.

Backyard Bunker

The visitor is walking across a green lawn and sees a backyard bunker set into the ground. Suddenly, an air raid siren blares in the distance. 


tick tock, tick tock

The visitor climbs down a metal ladder through a concrete walled tunnel. Set into the walls on either side of the passage are TVs that begin to turn on one by one, playing sounds and images of war and tenuous global politics that overwhelm the visitor.


As they look ahead they see a large steel bunker door. A clock ticking, continued through the passage, grows louder and more rapid, and above the door a doomsday clock inches closer and closer to midnight. 

mad science

The visitor steps through the bunker door into a room surrounded by projections of the inside of a beaker. Colored chemicals begin to pour down the walls to fill up the beaker, and the floor under the visitor’s feet begins to digitally bubble, smoke, and spark. 



As the visitor steps out of the door a clamoring of voices and footsteps begins to become audible from the other side of the hill growing louder and closer.

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