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abigail sarver-verhey


I am an exhibition designer, developer, project manager, dinosaur nerd, and textile artist. 

While the topic may jump from the Gold Rush to to Giganotosaurus to gingham, I am always passionate about creating dynamic, hands-on educational experiences that make content more accessible, engaging, and fun.


I am currently an exhibition designer with the Missouri Historical Society in St. Louis, Missouri.


I earned my BS in Anthropological Sciences at The Ohio State University and my MFA in Museum Exhibition Planning + Design at the University of the Arts. My background includes exhibition development and design work for the Ohio State University, COSI, and PGAV Destinations.

When I'm not designing exhibitions, you can likely find me at my sewing machine crafting another dress or quilt, or giving another new craft field a try at local artist workshops.


Send me a message below to connect!

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