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bringing together art & science

I was responsible for the interpretive planning for this collaborative project, including the choice of exhibition topic, content and object research, and conceptualization of the narrative and goals. I passed the completed development package on to a designer who refined the exhibit experiences and designed the spatial and graphic elements.

Fake-Exhibtion Book32.png

big idea

Art forgeries are both created and detected using tools of art and science.



Show how artistic and scientific methods can be applied together to solve real world problems (STEAM).



  • High school students

  • People not typically interested in art

goals (visitors will...)

  • Learn how art is forged and detected through artistic, historical, and scientific methods

  • Witness how art and science frequently intersect to solve complex problems

  • Feel deceived by the trickery of art forgery

  • Try artistic and scientific techniques

Fake-Exhibtion Book2.png


To recreate the feeling of being tricked by a forgery, visitors begin the exhibition in a seemingly typical art gallery only to discover that "Vermeers" on display are all a series of famous fakes

Fake Label Rail_Page_2.png


Duality and parallels throughout the exhibition's two sections — the forger's Studio and the detectives Lab — show how art and science can go hand in hand

Fake Label Rail_Page_1.png
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